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Our unique silk-like seaweed blend is super soft and comfortable, all whilst using up to 97% less water than cotton to create, meaning you'll look good and feel good - all whilst doing good.

Our underwear maintains the natural properties of seaweed and is enriched with vitamins and minerals that are absorbed through your skin. These include iron and iodine (vital for thyroid function) vitamins A, C, E & B12.

Zoom Blue Triangle Set
Zoom Blue Triangle Set
Zoom Blue Triangle Set
Zoom Blue Triangle Set
Zoom Blue Triangle Set
Zoom Blue Triangle Set
Zoom Blue Triangle Set

Blue Triangle Set

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We offer free shipping on the full seaweed set. 

Our classic seaweed set is handcrafted from our own unique silk-like SEAWEED blend and handmade in London. Our high waisted thong sits perfectly above the hips and both bands on the bra and thong are wrapped in our incredibly soft fabric to enhance and ensure optimum comfort.

Our fabric is produced exclusively from renewable resources – wood and seaweed – using methods that save both energy and water. Our fibre is carbon neutral and completely biodegradable. We source our seaweed from the Icelandic Fjords.



    I love this set. I'd definitely agree that these are softer than cotton. I'm still amazed at the fact that they are made of seaweed. The colour is vibrant and somehow understated at the same time. The logo is classic and classy - I don't feel like I've got a brand plastered all over me. They came so quickly and so BEAUTIFULLY packaged - I loved that everything is recyclable or biodegradable.

    Jenny Lamb

    My order arrived so quickly and was packaged beautifully. The set is incredibly soft - I’m a huge fan.

    Alex Donohue

    The most comfortable bra and thong I own I believe. It’s extremely soft and comfy perfect for lounging around the house. I’m a size 14 and the M/L fits lovely. Looking forwards to more super soft eco-friendly seaweed underwear.

    Kami K

    Alexander Clementine has thought of everything! The quality of the material is amazing - so soft, comfortable and fits really well. Crazy to believe that it is all made of seaweed but it’s great to know that you are wearing something eco friendly. The order arrived incredibly quickly, fab that it fits through the letter box, and the customer service was perfect. I recommended to my two sisters and now all three of us have a matching set!

    Isi Thomas

    Received through the letter box , no parcels left outside or having to collect. Excellent packaging all eco friendly , even seeds for the garden. Very soft and stretchy material so comfortable you don't even know your wearing them. Can't wait for different colours and designs, would definitely recommend.

    Alison Perry

    By far, the best sustainable underwear brand I’ve come across. Quite incredible it’s made of seaweed and made in London. Ticks all the boxes on all ethical levels without losing style, comfort and fit.

    Lauren Rosedale

    I've been so uncomfortable and no bras provide the right kind of support, my lumpectomy breast is still scarred and painful from surgery. The seaweed bra provides enough support but is so soft and giving that it puts absolutely no pressure on my scar tissue at all. It also supports both breasts well even though they're now asymmetrical. The material is so breathable it means I don't have to worry about my scar being irritated under synthetic materials all day. It washes and dries quickly so I wear mine everyday

    Evey Sjardin


    Learn more about who we are, what we do and our unique seaweed blend.

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