The Softest Underwear

Made from seaweed

Second Skin Underwear

Incredibly soft & extra comfortable

Soft, Soft, Soft!

Made from a silk-like seaweed blend

Absolutely amazing underwear. I bought 2 sets and will keep buying more. So soft and fit beautifully- the size guide online is so helpful.

Jessica Miles

I have recently had major breast surgery and the only comfortable lingerie I can wear is that with seaweed. My stitches have healed amazingly which I can only attribute is seaweed as I have had surgery before and never healed this well. I cannot recommend more highly.

Alison Perry

One of the best sustainable brands out there and so lovely to see so much of the people behind it! The bralettes are so soft and comfy and give loads of support so perfect for everyday wear. Such gorgeous colours and amazing fit, will definitely be ordering again.


Look Good, Feel Good

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Natural Fibres

Made from sustainable sourced renewable resources - Icelandic seaweed and Austrian eucalyptus.

97% Less Water

Our unique fabric uses 97% less water than cotton to create all whilst being more than twice as soft. The softest underwear in the world?

The Power of Seaweed

Our underwear maintains the natural properties of seaweed, making them naturally antibacterial, anti odour and temperature regulating.

Free, Free, Free

Free delivery and a free scrunchie worth £7.99 when you spend £70 or more.


"Alexander Clementine have also started using seaweed for its underwear, which uses significantly less water than conventional cotton" - VOGUE

"Made from (believe it or not) seaweed and Tencel Lyocell made from wood pulp to create a super soft, breathable fabric that feels wonderful against the skin" - TATLER

"Best for softness. Alexander Clementine predominantly uses sustainable seaweed and tencel, which are silky soft.  Seaweed is a relatively new fibre that uses 97 percent less water than cotton to make" - The Independent

"The eco-friendly triangle bra is made with seaweed and wood pulp and was designed by Alexander Clementine, who Lady Amelia has collaborated with" - Daily Mail

"The royal, who is 39th in line to the throne, models a pink bra and thong made from seaweed" The Sun

"Royally-approved underwear? We predict a sellout..." - HELLO!


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